From the opening Earth Harp cadenza of the original production,
"Sonic Odyssey," created by Royal Caribbean, exclusively featured on the Quantum of the Seas.


Earth Harp Design by - William Close
Production by - Royal Caribbean Productions
Composition and Performance by - Jonathan J. Golko



Originally composed by Alan Menken in 1991, themes from the Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast" have grown to become timeless, and have returned again in the 2017 live-action film.

Featuring the bold tone of J. Golko's tenor saxophone, and backed by the powerful sound of the symphonic rock orchestra, this arrangement is performed with pianist, Elliott Little.


"In Her Dreams, She Flies"

In a collaboration with veteran aerialist, dancer, and performer Erica Linz (Cirque Du Soleil; Royal Caribbean Productions), J. Golko set music Linz's aerialist concept, inspired by the "Butterfly Hallway" aboard the Quantum of the Seas.

This performance from 2015 was recorded on the Anthem of the Seas.


Production by - Royal Caribbean Productions

Choreography - Erica Linz
Composition  - Jonathan J. Golko
Aerialist - Lauren Main


"Depths of Imagination"

This scoring demo to the announcement trailer of Civilization VI,  by Firaxis Games, was written in the style of Christopher Tin (Civilization IV & VI, Le Reve). 

Hear Tin's original score:
Sogno di Volare"
(Main Theme from
Civilization VI)

Behind all the Magic, there is Science. That said, it is How the scientist Interprets and Applies the historic information and practiced algorithms absorbed from their Studies and Observations of the craft, that grants them the illusion of casting - or rather, allows them the capacity to manipulate - Magic.”

— J. Golko
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