Flight of the Woodwinds

This "ear flight" features the sounds of the woodwinds, paired with an antipasto of grooves and styles.

These pieces include a mixture of instruments including:

Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxes
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Chromatic Harmonica
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass
EWI - MIDI Breath Controller

Songs About Girls


This collection of classic love songs celebrates the thrill of the chase, the meaning of being there, breaking the chains, and the one you still can't let go of.

These excerpts feature instrumental covers of Motown and R&B hits arranged for small pop/rock orchestra and rhythm section.


Warm up next to the fireplace with a few Christmas classics. This tasting evokes childhood with a sugar rush of  whipped cheer, sprinkled with holiday spice, and topped off with a rum-cherry full of memories.

Covering a range of styles and instrumentations,
"Yuletide Spirit" keeps the Christmas lights on the house all year long.

ABV. 24%


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